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Instant Coffee: Your Emergency Guide

Instant coffee is, in my opinion, a for-emergencies-only sort of purchase not unlike the strange canned food you keep in the pantry in case of a natural disaster that would preclude your going to the grocery store. It’s never a first choice, but it can come in handy under dire circumstances. Midterms often engender such circumstances: while cramming at some ungodly hour, you realize that no café on or off campus is open to provide a caffeine fix. Instant coffee sounds pretty damn appealing. Read more

Yoshi’s: Powderhouse Square’s Answer to Tasty Japanese Cuisine

“I looooove Yoshi’s!”

A group of Tufts students sat on the other end of the restaurant, settling their check as the dinner crowd started streaming into the College Ave. establishment. The girl who expressed her ardent amour could have been gushing about the 10% student discount, but judging by the delicious food, the love probably began when their first bento set appeared. Read more

Bake with me! A Beginner’s Guide to Baking Dairy-Free Pumpkin Bread

Around this time of year, a phenomenon happens that turns everything in the supermarket into pumpkin flavored forms that seem downright wrong but tastes so right. Yup, the pumpkin-flavored-everything obsession is about to hit us! In preparation for this contagious fad, I have put together a step-by-step guide to making dairy-free pumpkin bread. This recipe is easy to make even in a dorm kitchen and it is a wonderful complement to any autumn dish. Impress your friends, co-workers, and people who you secretly want to win over with this easy seasonal dessert! There is no butter, no milk, and LOTS of pumpkiny goodness packed into this dessert (but it can be eaten for any meal really…). So time to get your apron and oven mitt on and follow this guide adorned with Instagram pics that documented the steps!

Read more

Dining Hall Hacks: The Panini Press Isn’t Just For Sandwiches Anymore

After I realized how excited everyone gets for the days that grilled cheeses are pre-made and served at Dewick or Carm, I began to think about how you can not only make these yourselves, but that there are also dozens of other delicious meals you can (surprisingly) make on the Panini press. Read more

A Walk Down Boston Ave From Your Tri-State Area Pizza Experts

The Contenders: Pizza Days, Espresso, Nick’s, Pranzi’s, Helen’s, Dominos, Cristo’s

 The Experts: Wishing to remain anonymous we have Thing 1Thing 2, and occasionally myself. Hailing form New Jersey and New York, respectively, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are self-proclaimed pizza lovers who are honestly, without a doubt, the most passionate pizza-eaters I have ever met.

Criteria: Taste, Quality, Crust, Price/Convenience, Guilt Read more

Singapore Students Association: Pasar Malam event

On Friday April 18th, the Singapore Students Association at Tufts brought homecooked Singaporean dishes to Remis Sculpture Court. Their event called Pasar Malam (which means “Night Market” in Malay) saw a host of stalls and hordes of eager eaters. Read more

Passover Matzoh Fun!

Every moderately religious Jewish child remembers that week in April during which bread and other leavened products are not to be eaten. To some, this would throw their entire week inside out—no more spaghetti with meat sauce, grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, or, by far the most detrimental, pizza. But the worst part is having to substitute these delicious staples of one’s diet with a dry, flavorless unsalted cracker called matzoh, or matzos.  I won’t explain the tradition behind eating this flat baked form of bread, but the point is it is not risen dough because when the Jews escaped Egypt they had no time to wait for their bread to rise while it baked. So they ate this rather tasteless substitute. It serves as a reminder of the struggles the Jewish people went through when they were escaping the pharaohs that enslaved them. Read more


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