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A Guide to All You Can Eat Sushi

All-you-can-eat sushi is an experience every person must have at least once (but preferably many times) in his or her life. For Tufts students, the best option in terms of proximity and price is Nijiya Sushi. Located in Medford square, an easy 20 minute walk from campus (or a five minute bus ride on the outbound 94 if you’re feeling lazy), Nijiya Sushi offers all-you-can-eat lunch deals for $13.99 and dinner deals for $21.99. If you plan on heading over quite hungry and ready to dig in, you will get far more than you paid for. This experience is not about savoring the intricate flavors of exquisitely fresh and creative sushi pieces but rather about eating as much as you can of as many different rolls and dishes as possible. It’s all about getting the bang for your buck while fulfilling that unrelenting sushi craving. Without further ado, here is your handy guide to the do’s and don’ts of all you can eat sushi. Read more

Fifteen Minute Recipes: Homemade, Fast Food, or Both?

Today’s recipes are for those days when you don’t have the time, the energy (or neither of the above) to make a full meal. All of these recipes take 15 minutes or less, so they are perfect to make in-between classes and activities or after a long day at work.

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Taste Test: M&M Edition

Attention world: Mint M&Ms are back. Yes, it is that time of year again – the time of year when all goodness in the world can be bought at CVS in the form of a bag of mint M&Ms.

While devouring my newly acquired bag of M&Ms, it occurred to me that I also love dark chocolate M&Ms, and pretzel M&Ms, and of course we can’t forget the good ‘ole regular ones. Which type is the best? After a sampling of a multitude of M&Ms with the help of some trusted M&M connoisseurs, I compiled a list of the best of the best.

Note: This list is by no means includes all types of M&Ms.

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Chowing Down in Carm: Post-Workout Edition

So, you made it to the gym. You worked out (I won’t ask how long you spent on the Stairmaster…save you the embarrassment). Now, you are ready to chow down in Dewick to congratulate yourself on a job well done. But what is there to eat?**

Here are some go-to refueling meals to satisfy your hunger and help you stay in shape throughout the winter.

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Anna’s vs. Felipe’s: A Tale of Two Eerily Similar Taquerias

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 4.10.01 PM

Source: GFood & Travel



Source: Man Fuel – a food blog

Though I’m going to try to approach the Anna’s vs. Felipe’s debate objectively, I am still a Tufts student and in a lot of ways Anna’s vs. Felipe’s is kind of just a metaphor for Davis Square vs. Harvard Square – or even worse, Tufts vs. Harvard. But let it be clear, there isn’t much difference between the two taquerias. In fact, I had to double check if the owners were the same! When I first visited Felipe’s I was astounded by the ordering similarities. They too had a “super” burrito vs. a “regular” sized burrito, had their meats, salsas, vegetables, and other burrito fillings in the same position, and even had the same whole vegetables that they would chop on request. Certainly differences persisted, while Ana’s did not have a diced red onion topping, Felipe’s lacked Chicken Ranchero, a personal favorite, and in my opinion one of the highlights of Anna’s. Read more

Campus Foodie: Ezra Schwartz

Welcome to a new Tasty Tufts series! We plan on interviewing a variety of Tufts students who are self-proclaimed “foodies.” These peers will divulge interesting food experiences and opinions and will hopefully inspire you to follow your own culinary explorations. Enjoy!

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Tasty Tufts Top Comfort Food

Kummerspeck. It literally translates to “grief bacon” in German, but really it is used to describe that weight you gain when you eat your emotions. We have all been there—maybe a bad day or final exams will cause you to consume comforting calories or unearthly loads of sugar to make you feel better. Then all of a sudden… Kummerspeck. But it doesn’t matter because food makes you feel good when you’re down, like a best friend cuddling with you as your Netflix queue is ready to be played. So as finals approach and the stress of the semester buries you in Tisch, just remember that food will always be there to help you get through the all-nighters, especially at 2 AM when you don’t care about your intricate summer diet or how many yoga classes it would take to make up for the splurge eating. Let’s face it, we all have that kryptonite dish that we binge eat while Icona Pop serenades our thoughts with I Love It. So I asked my foodie friends what comfort food they splurge on when they are feeling down and overwhelmed. Here’s what they had to say: Read more


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