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Dreaming of warmer days? Try Kung Fu Tea

What is bubble tea? First, it is a foodie fad originating from the Taiwanese tea with added tapioca balls, or bubbles. Now, the variety of drinks with bubbles has expanded to include slushes, punches, and milk-based teas. As of last semester, the fad has made it to Davis Square.

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BonChon: Korean fried chicken chain worth a visit

BonChon, meaning “My Hometown” in Korean, certainly lives up to its name. Upon stepping in to this establishment located in the basement of a building largely populated by Korean restaurants, the pungent aroma from the gochujang and kimchi immediately assaults your olfactory senses. The simple décor with the tabletop grills oozes the typical setup of yakiniku and Korean BBQ joints. Indeed, it was an ambience fitting of a Korean “hometown.” Read more

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

As the Northeast settles into this long, mid-winter stretch, I am reminded yet again of the powerful effects the weather has on what we eat. You see, I’m from sunny California, where eating soup in the winter is a decision based on taste rather than the need to eating something warm and comforting while multiple feet of snow accumulate overnight.  This sort of bone-chilling weather that I’m experiencing for the first time motivates me to prepare meals and recipes infused with warming spices–cinnamon on oatmeal, cardamom in lentil soup, and ginger in my tea–that counteract the cold outside.

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DIY Your Very Own Recipe Collection

All of my friends look up recipes online whenever they need to make something, but the problem is when you try to find the same recipe as last time or when you do your best to remember that special ingredient you added that your dinner guests raved about.  There are so many ways to collect and find wonderful recipes that would save you this hassle!  I personally have a digital and physical recipe collection that are both easy to make.  Here are some resources that I have found useful for an up-and-coming chef or even a college student.

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Valentine’s Day Date: Posto’s Perfect Pizza and Pasta

It isn’t a secret that Davis Square is home to the hipster college student, and young Boston professional. It is also home to fine Italian dining. Situated a five minute walk down Elm Street is Posto, a restaurant more students have heard of than actually have visited. Read more

What’s right next to Domino’s and actually yummy? The Shawarma Place

It’s kind of incredible how food and memory are so entwined. Nostalgia and longing for home can be so satiated by just a simple meal. That is what I realized when I walked down Elm Street, into a small restaurant by the Domino’s called “The Shawarma Place.” As an Egyptian woman in Medford, it’s hard to get your cultural fixes without venturing onto the T. Though Carm may attempt a couscous here or a falafel there, the spices are never quite right, the hummus never quite authentic. Moreover, it seems that the entire world’s concept of Middle Eastern cuisine is very limited to these Mediterranean tropes of chickpeas and grains. So imagine my joy when my eyes looked up at the menu and discovered food I haven’t seen prepared in months. From foul mudamas (mashed fava beans with olive oil, garlic, onion, lemon, and cilantro wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes) to a kafta sandwich (ground lamb and beef mixed with finely chopped parsley, onions and spices, also wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes, pickles, onions, and tahini sauce.) Read more

A Guide to All You Can Eat Sushi

All-you-can-eat sushi is an experience every person must have at least once (but preferably many times) in his or her life. For Tufts students, the best option in terms of proximity and price is Nijiya Sushi. Located in Medford square, an easy 20 minute walk from campus (or a five minute bus ride on the outbound 94 if you’re feeling lazy), Nijiya Sushi offers all-you-can-eat lunch deals for $13.99 and dinner deals for $21.99. If you plan on heading over quite hungry and ready to dig in, you will get far more than you paid for. This experience is not about savoring the intricate flavors of exquisitely fresh and creative sushi pieces but rather about eating as much as you can of as many different rolls and dishes as possible. It’s all about getting the bang for your buck while fulfilling that unrelenting sushi craving. Without further ado, here is your handy guide to the do’s and don’ts of all you can eat sushi. Read more


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