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Edible Art

The two loves of my life are food and art.  So when I discovered famous works of art that are recreated with food, I was over the moon.  I mean, who knew that a dish on an IHOP menu could be used to recreate Dali’s The Persistence of Memory (left)?  Here are a few of my favorite finds for the art and food lovers out there that are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your workday!

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Tasty Tufts’ Top Hot Cocoa!

Winter is coming and it is time to pull out those parkas and fuzzy hats. It is the time of year when hot drinks are a must. A warm cup of hot cocoa is my go-to when I am cozy at home hanging out with friends or I need a soothing drink in the library.

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3 Food Tips for a Yummy, Festive Vegan Thanksgiving

A vegan in modern American society is constantly treated like the new transfer student back in middle school. Everyone ogles at your meal choices and is just so curious about what you eat and how you live. But then, eventually, most people begin to realize you love food just like everybody else and that hey, you’re just like all the other middle school kids. I love that. Although I personally am only vegan for short periods throughout the year (and even then I fluctuate with pescatarianism and consistency), when you get to that point where your friends just understand eating becomes so much more of an experience rather than a lecture hall. But for some reason, nobody comprehends how vegans handle the sacred turkey day that we all know and love, Thanksgiving. Read more

Tasty Tufts Guide: The Mediterranean Diet

For years, nutritionists and healthcare professionals have urged people to adopt what is called a Mediterranean Diet. However, it seems to me that this approach to eating has a bit of a publicity problem – while there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of books on the topic, they lack the buzzwords and promises of fast weight loss or immediate better health that surround the flavor-of-the-month diets we’re used to. So what is the Mediterranean Diet?

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Tasty Tufts Guide to the Ultimate Packed Lunch

At some point in their college careers, many students make the choice to live in a fully-stocked house. Yet many still keep up the same meal plans, or supplement smaller ones with take-out and restaurants. The convenience factor is undeniable, but let me let you into a little secret: home-packed food is quicker, cheaper, and in many cases superior to the take-away variety. Here’s a guide to getting started.

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Simple Essentials Guide to Entertaining

Hosting a party always leaves me feeling exhausted yet ultra satisfied. I like to think that I have mastered the formula for entertaining at my home (or dorm), but every time I still put in quite a bit of preparation and even sprinkle in a little anxiety. However, it is always worth the effort to bring together good eats and good laughs. Pinterest has raised the bar when it comes to hosting a party. There is a lot of pressure these days to set your table like a store display, serve a five course, hot gourmet meal, and still have a chance to enjoy it in the moment. While it is possible to live up to Pinterest standards with an unlimited budget and a few extra hands to help, we have to be realistic as budget-conscious 20-somethings. I will share with you some of my basic rules of thumb to make hosting a party enjoyable for the host and the guests. Read more

DINNER TONIGHT: Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale, and Black Bean Salad

This is exactly what it sounds like: roasted butternut squash + kale + black beans = hard to go wrong. I probably eat kale and black beans twice a day (maybe more this week as I attempt to live the vegan life…), so roasted butternut squash is a welcome, fall-spirited deviation from the norm. This is so easy to make and requires so few ingredients that it barely requires a “recipe.” It’s also relatively cheap, and you will have leftovers unless you plan on eating a whole squash by yourself – not that I’d be one to judge. So adhere to the following very loosely, and throw some vegetables, seeds, anything really onto the roasting pan while you’re at it!

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