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Meet the Editors

Joyce Harduvel

IMG_9699I’m a junior from Chicago majoring in American Studies. I’ve always been an adventurous eater and a true foodie. I got my start eating nothing but mushrooms, eggplant and garlic before I turned one and devouring octopus and raw oysters by the time I was three. When I’m not exploring Boston or trying a new restaurant or recipe, you can find me catching up on my favorite shows, attending a concert or drinking a good cup of tea.


Damanpreet Pelia

I am a senior from New York studying History and International Relations, with a concentration in the history of modern South Asia. When I’m not writing a paper, or oftentimes while I am, you can find me watching old episodes of Jacques Pépin’s shows, salivating over stand mixers and French presses, or (most likely) eating.



Gabriel Spieler

IMG_9495 - Version 3

I’m a senior from Birmingham, AL majoring in biology, but also very interested in Japanese. When not studying, I love to have friends over for dinner, bike around town, and explore Boston’s rich culinary scene. I’m most interested in Asian cuisine, from dosa to kaiseki. Food enriches our everyday lives, and is reflective of a culture’s history, geography, and values. Besides, since we all must eat to live, we might as well live to eat!

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