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Meet the Writers

Edmund Brennan

I’m a member of the class of 2016. I would describe my interests as worldly – I love trying new things, especially tasty new things. I’m focused on the humanities, but I also am interested in nutrition and personal health. My goal is to have as many unique experiences as I can, including trying new foods and traveling to new places, and I want to make sure I’m healthy enough to keep doing it. My favorite foods are the homemade ones, both because of how you feel when you’ve made them and because they always taste better. I’m looking forward to sharing my Dining Hall-friendly recipes as well as tips for how to keep healthy without giving up your favorite foods.


Courtney Chiu


I’m a junior studying art history and biochemistry. Born and raised in Brooklyn, I developed a diverse palate and a love for food from all different cultures. My favorite hangout spots in my hometown are the farmers markets, Smorgasbord, Food Truck Rally, and my favorite bakery, “Baked,” in Red Hook. I am a blogger for Brit+Co., a creative lifestyle community where I write about food and DIY projects. The lifestyle gurus who have influenced the way I cook and eat include Blake Lively, Martha Stewart, and Gwyneth Paltrow. I am guilty of stress-baking, sometimes eating dessert for breakfast (in addition to lunch and dinner…), and carrying around a mason jar full of Cheerios just in case I get hungry. In addition to those food-related activities, I enjoy skiing, archery, making needlepoints, watching soccer, and going to art museums.


Annaick Miller


I am a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Communications and Media Studies. Born in Berkeley, California, I was raised with an appreciation of (and possibly an obsession with) diverse foods from many different cultures. I love sampling new food and will try virtually anything anyone puts in front of me. Staples always found in my kitchen include sunflower seed butter, balsamic vinegar, kale, and sriracha. When I’m not eating or cooking (a rare occurrence), you can find me running outside, reading, or drinking massive quantities of coffee with friends.


Lauren Samuel 

Tasty Tufts pictureI am a sophomore with an interest in education, anthropology, and the education of anthropology. I am easy to satisfy but difficult to please. Although I am known for being incredibly open and excited when it comes to food from anywhere and anyone, there is nothing I appreciate more than the completing a dish whose tastes marry so perfectly that you have to look up and say “wow.” I am a sucker for soups, carrot cake, and/or medium-rare steak with friends because, really, the communicable culture of food is what it’s all about.

Jay Sheintop


I am a sophomore who is still undecided and undeclared when it comes to majors, as well as to what I love more: sweet or savory (maybe I have both teeth?). I love animals, so you may find me on the pre-vet track, and starting now, you’ll also find me on the tracks of the T ready to eat my way through each stopping station! Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, where we had more pharmacies and banks than restaurants, I gained most of my knowledge of food by watching the Food Network (who needs Dora to teach you how to explore the world when you can learn how to explore your kitchen with Paula Deen?!). I may have a slight phobia of snakes, but even the most peculiar looking foods do not scare me; in fact, they do quite the opposite. From my small suburban beginnings in life, I have become more determined to try new and exciting foods of different cultures to which I was never exposed. I cannot wait to explore surrounding areas of Boston to experience these different cultures through one facet that all of them share: food! If I am not eating, I am talking about food, and if I’m not talking about food, you’ll probably find me singing along to some Ri Ri or Ciara (classy, I know).

Alison Sikowitz

I’m a junior from New York City currently majoring in history and minoring in food consumption. If you find yourself in my hometown, stop by Dough in Brooklyn for one of my favorite foods: the café au lait donut, every bite of which is worth its artery-clogging repercussions. When not studying, I enjoy practicing yoga, cooking, dabbling in the visual arts, running, and hunting for good eats!



Shoshana Weiner

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI am a junior majoring in geological sciences and French. When I am not outside, I am probably snacking on anything and everything (while studying of course), or baking for friends. I am a notorious stress baker and my housemates enjoy it when I am making m&m cookies at 1:00 am. MY favorite cookies are monster cookies. They have EVERYTHING in them, from the pb to chocolate chips and oatmeal. Dangerously delicious. I am thankful that one of my biggest passions is running and that I enjoy being active in the fresh air! I am all about trying new foods when traveling, even if it is a trip into downtown Boston. Although, nothing is quite like my mom’s homemade pizza!

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  1. Sol Gittleman #

    Very enjoyable reading, Thanks!

    November 30, 2014

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