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Easy ways to increase flavor in your food

Whether you’re a freshman on an unlimited meal plan or an off-campus upperclassman, you’ve’ve probably had your fair share of bland or unsatisfying meals. Here are four tips that will quickly ramp up the flavor of your meals, without requiring too much extra time or money on your part.

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Pepe Bocca: a warm taste of Italy in Davis Square

I haven’t been to either of Tufts’s dining halls since the semester began, and with Pepe Bocca in Davis Square, there’s even more reason not to. A different owner has taken over what used to be Sessa’s Cold Cuts after its 35 years run and turned it into Pepe Bocca, a self-proclaimed ‘Purveyor of Fine Italian Foods’. What that name doesn’t let on is the warm feeling of la famiglia hugging you once you’re within the walls of 414 Highland Avenue. Pepe Bocca is more than a deli and more than an Italian gourmet store. It is a living room where Giovanni and his friends welcome you with fragrant smells of home-cooked food and home-baked breads. It is a community space where erstwhile strangers can enjoy samples of zucchini squash basil ricotta focaccia, or flip through Italian cookbooks lying in wait on a homey wooden table.

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A tasty, satisfying oasis in Medford

I gained so much after living in Brazil for a year: new friends, fresh perspectives, and about five unwelcome pounds. While adding on five pounds wasn’t exactly planned, it was sure fun doing it over the traditional, hearty lunch of meat, rice, and French fries washed down with the national soda, Guarana. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) for me, Boston is home to the largest Brazilian community in the United States and consequently boasts a wonderful variety of padarias and churrascos. Located on Main Street in Medford, Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse is approved by both Brazilians and Bostonians alike and also happens to be a Tufts favorite. Go when you’re hungry – like, really hungry.

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The Navajo Taco: A New Mexican Staple

After the first week at Tufts, I was fairly impressed by the diverse foods offered in the dining halls as well as the Boston area. From sushi at Hodgdon to the brand-new kosher deli at the campus center, it seemed as if almost everything was available for consumption. Whether or not the food represents various cultures authentically is different matter, but some justification can be made for effort. As with diversity in general, not every group has the opportunity to bring their food to the table. Although I can’t speak for all the groups whose food is not represented at Tufts or in the Boston area, I would like to make an attempt to introduce the Tufts community to one dish from a culture that is virtuality nonexistent in this region of the country: the Navajo taco. “Taco” may ring a bell, but I can assure you it’s far from what you’re thinking.
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Noor: Fresh and Healthy Mediterranean Fare

Tucked away next to the campus favorite Yoshi’s, is Noor Mediterranean Grill. Newly opened, this restaurant takes the place of The Broken Yoke, which I doubt you even remember. Read more

Dreaming of warmer days? Try Kung Fu Tea

What is bubble tea? First, it is a foodie fad originating from the Taiwanese tea with added tapioca balls, or bubbles. Now, the variety of drinks with bubbles has expanded to include slushes, punches, and milk-based teas. As of last semester, the fad has made it to Davis Square.

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BonChon: Korean fried chicken chain worth a visit

BonChon, meaning “My Hometown” in Korean, certainly lives up to its name. Upon stepping in to this establishment located in the basement of a building largely populated by Korean restaurants, the pungent aroma from the gochujang and kimchi immediately assaults your olfactory senses. The simple décor with the tabletop grills oozes the typical setup of yakiniku and Korean BBQ joints. Indeed, it was an ambience fitting of a Korean “hometown.” Read more


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