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A Tasty Tufts Guide to Cheese: Goat’s Milk

While American dairy favors the cow, there’s a whole realm of other ungulate cheeses that are worth a taste. One of the most popular and accessible alternatives is goat’s milk. The milk of choice in regions ill-suited to cow pasturing, goat’s milk has a distinct flavor and chemistry that is part of the charm of its cheeses. Read more

Rosebud: The Fine Southern Dining Experience You’d Never Expect

About a year ago, my friends and I were walking along Elm Street looking for a place to grub. Way, way down, past Anna’s and Goodwill, and awfully close to Domino’s, someone pointed across the street at a rundown, silver diner cart, and said, “What about there?” Dream-crushingly, we all gave him a pretty hard time for the suggestion and haven’t spoken to him since. Read more

Tasty Tufts Reviews the Best Chains

Legal Sea Foods

If you ever come to Boston, let alone half of Massachusetts, you will come across a delicious restaurant for all sorts of seafood. It has an eclectic mix from salmon dishes (my favorite being the nutty faroe island salmon, encrusted with almonds and topped with a smooth and tart lemon caper butter sauce) to cioppino (a light tomato based broth filled with lobster, scallops, shrimp, clams and mussels paired with a perfectly crisp crostini). When going, I suggest that you do not leave until you have tried at least a taste of their homemade New England clam chowder, their signature crab cakes, and a deliciously wood grilled sea food of your choice. The seafood can be flavored to your liking, ranging from a red onion jam to something legitimately called the everything spice. You will want to return, and you will be shocked when you find out the Legal is a chain until you find the next location along the green line. There is a Legal Sea Foods right in the Prudential Center off of the green line in Boston, another in Cambridge, and plenty more scattered around and outside the city.

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Pax et Lox: A Peak Into Tufts’ New Kosher Deli

Kosher dill or half sour?

The million dollar question at the new kosher deli in the campus center, Pax et Lox. Students now have access to a kosher dining option, and delicious sandwiches such as the classic corned beef on rye and smoked salmon (lox) on a bagel.

The opening of the deli has been a huge success. During peak lunch hour, you may expect a line out the door some days. Jewish and non-Jewish students alike flock to Pax et Lox to satisfy their craving for a hot, toasted, fresh turkey sandwich. Mind you, there are also vegan sandwich and side options available.

Manager Ashley and her sidekick Tony keep the deli running smoothly and oversee all food prep. They offer different sandwiches and sides during lunch and dinner periods.

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Tasty Tufts Reveals Starbucks Secrets

I have my two drinks at Starbucks: the java chip frappuccino and a café mocha with half chocolate and half peppermint syrup. My favorite mocha isn’t listed on the menu, but I just like the combination and it is always a lovely, refreshing drink. I never really realized it, but Starbucks has a plethora of drinks that aren’t listed on their menu. They have a secret menu! Read more

Quintessential Boston Foods: Chowder  

Boston’s dairy-based chowders are an unforgettable part of living in the Hub. Done correctly, they are rich, sustaining meals in a bowl. Despite their unfortunate reputation as a caloric nightmare in a bowl, a properly made and portioned chowder can be a balanced and frugal way to make the most of the scarce resources of winter. No Boston student should leave without having a taste of at least one bowl of chowder. In this all-inclusive guide, we’ll cover the best ways to get your chowder fix in Boston restaurants, and also provide you with the knowledge necessary to make it yourself at home regardless of your nutritional and dietary concerns. At the end of this article, you should have no excuse not to call yourself a chowderhead.    Read more

Cooking in Times of War: The Humanizing Potential of the Kitchen

This past summer, I spent five weeks in Delhi recording oral histories with survivors (among others) of the anti-Sikh violence of 1984. The first week of November 1984, almost exactly thirty years ago, was a week of horrific state-sponsored violence – rapes, burnings, lootings, against the Sikh population of Delhi. Recording oral histories, especially with those who had witnessed the violence first-hand, was a strange intellectual and emotional process. Recording oral histories made me more keenly aware of the privileges I have been afforded, and it made me constantly reevaluate and rethink my position as an American university-funded ‘researcher’ engaging in ‘fieldwork.’

One such moment was when I entered the home of one of the ‘1984 widows’ in Tilak Vihar (which is often referred to as the ‘Widow Colony,’ as it is where most of the survivors of the 1984 violence were relocated by the state). The homes ‘provided’ by the state to the widows are tiny two room apartments, and entering one such flat was at once eye-opening, disheartening, and heartwarming. As I registered (I don’t think I ever did – in fact, I think I still am) that this was one of the flats I had read, ‘researched,’ and written about and that numerous interviewees had been referring to these very flats, I was offered a glass of water and greeted by the white noise of the same TV commercials I had been hearing all summer. I realized that this flat, while it can be quantified and written about in reports and investigations, had become, in the thirty years since the violence, someone’s home. In the small living- and bedroom, there were bright red curtains, a TV, a coffee table, and – here is where the connection to Tasty Tufts comes in – I was smelling the same aromatic base of onions, ginger, and garlic that one smells in almost any South Asian home. I heard talk of making dal and chawal (rice) from the adjoining kitchen; the voices could very much have been my mother’s or father’s, though they were thousands of miles away.

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